“Triangle Tracker” the Doritos campaign on TikTok and Snapchat

Doritos gaming is the protagonist in the new Doritos campaign on SnapChat and TikTok

Doritos’ “Triangle Tracker” engaged 4 million people on social media.

When it comes to brainstorming ad strategies for TikTok, SnapChat, and the new social media, creatives have a blank canvas to paint. More and more brands dare to carry out increasingly original actions to reach the public that lives in these networks.

This is the case of the case study that we are analyzing today: “Triangle Tracker” by Doritos. A campaign that was launched in the United States and achieved the participation of 4 million people and generated 3,000 million impressions on TikTok.

The idea behind Doritos’ “Triangle Tracker” is simple: to track every triangle that we come across in our day-to-day lives. The objective was to reach generation Z, an audience that is very difficult to impact through traditional advertising. The Doritos campaign was created by the agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

The operation was very elementary; and it is that the participants had to capture triangular shapes through the augmented reality lens of Snapchat. The app would scan it, turn it into a Dorito and give them the opportunity to get different prizes through surprise codes.

To publicize the promotion, a teaser action was carried out in which the brand transformed different buildings in New York, Memphis and Atlanta into giant Doritos. Then he encouraged users to “hunt” their own triangles, opening the door to imagination in a world full of possibilities.

The craziest creations were not long in coming and TikTok began to fill with images with triangular shapes. Additionally, the brand set up weekly challenges asking people to be as creative as possible with their creations.

Agreements were also reached with different brands that had a triangle in their logo. Xbox, Guess and Vivid Seats were some of those who agreed by providing special gifts linked to their brands.

Doritos’ “Triangle Tracker” was a hit, with 4 million people submitting photos of triangles. 3 billion media impressions were generated and a post with the hashtag #doritostriangletracker was viewed by 43 million people on TikTok.

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