The Trivial Pursuit hotel where you pay by answering questions

In the original hotel of Trivial Pursuit you must pay by answering questions of the popular game.

¿Un hotel inspirado en Trivial Pursuit? Si, existe y está en Moscú. With this campaign, Hasbro wants to reactivate the popular game that has been with us for more than 30 years. And that was in 1979 when Scott Abbot, sports editor of the Canadian Press newspaper; and Chris Haney, photographer of the Montreal Gazette magazine, developed the idea of the game that would be launched two years later.

The Trivial Pursuit hotel invites us to pay by answering questions, and the correct ones. According to the description of the website: “A two-story country house with three bedrooms, a sauna, fireplace and barbecue”. A paradise for lovers of riddles, which will obtain one or another level of room category depending on the mental agility of the tenants.

The Trivial Pursuit hotel is a joint action between Hasbro and the Leo Burnett Moscow advertising agency. It will be open from May 20 to June 14 and to make a reservation you must start answering questions … and share the post on social networks, of course.

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