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Tropicana’s hilarious commercial: “Just Another Day”

Anuncio Tropicana | Sip Your Sunshine

The Tropicana commercial is an ode to optimism in the face of difficult situations.

In a week the Super Bowl is celebrated and the brands are already warming up the event by launching their advertising campaigns. Pepsi released a trailer to advertise its Half Time Show and Amazon an emotional commercial campaign to advertise its Alexa.

Now it’s the turn of the Tropicana juice brand, owned by Pepsi Co. that encourages us to be positive even when the world around us is falling apart.

The Tropicana commercial is titled “Just Another Day” and was made by the Cramer-Krasselt agency and directed by Nick Ball. The campaign is part of the brand’s new line of communication: “Sip your sunshine”.

The ad begins with a family having breakfast with Tropicana and how the table breaks. This situation is followed by other disasters that range from unthinkable accidents, children’s parties that do not go as expected, monsters under the bed or astronauts with problems. The ad ends with the slogan “Whatever the day brings, we’ll bring the sunshine” (“Whatever the day brings, we bring the sunlight”) and wants to put a smile on all the disasters that happen to us.

The soundtrack is provided by Ella Fitzgerald and her popular “It’s a lovely day today”

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