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‘Make a date with a Harlequin’ is the hottest TV Commercial from Harlequin

The latest TV Commercial from Harlequin, the romantic novel publisher encourages to have a date with a Viking or a Cowboy.

We like the advertising campaigns of Harlequin, an editorial specializing in romantic novels. We still remember that fantastic campaign titled “Whatever your’re into”, where some women unleashed their passion with a cowboy and a soldier respectively with their own husbands presents.

In a wonderful analogy between day-to-day evasion and routine with the simple fact of opening a book, Harlequin showed us that advertising campaigns can be done to sell romantic novels and not lose a single ounce of creativity.

TV Commercial from Harlequin

Now they returns with “Make a date with Harlequin” a series of two TV Commercial in which encourages the female audience to have a date with a Viking or a Cowboy.

TV Commercial from Harlequin: Make a date with a Cowboy

TV Commercial from Harlequin: Make a date with a Viking



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