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The Uber Eats commercial for Super Bowl with David Beckham and Victoria

The creative agency Special has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Uber Eats para la Super Bowl 2024 | David Beckham

Uber Eats comercial for Super Bowl  recreates the viral moment between David Beckham and Victoria from his Netflix documentary.

Brands are beginning to launch their campaigns for the Super Bowl. The event is approaching and with it the advertising pressure increases in the games leading up to the grand finale. One of the brands that never fails is Uber Eats.

The most famous food delivery service is aware of the number of orders that will be placed on Super Bowl night. To warm up the atmosphere, he has decided to recreate the viral moment caused by David Beckham and Victoria Adams in the footballer’s documentary.

Uber Eats campaign for Super Bowl 2024

“David and Victoria Beckham Forget” is the title of Uber Eats commercial for Super Bowl. It has been made by the Special agency and they try to recreate one of the viral moments of 2023. We all remember when David Beckham interrupted his wife during the recording of the documentary to reproach her for saying that they came from the working class. Victoria’s response, saying that her father took them to school with a Rolls Royce, clears up all doubt about Victoria’s supposed “working” origin.

That’s why the Uber Eats commercial begins with Victoria wearing a “My Dad has a Rollls-Royce” t-shirt and oversimplifying her message about the brand. It is then that David once again calls for sincerity to explain the truth.

Little by little the Uber Eats advertisement is showing its cards; and in a comical tone the ex-spice girl admits that she has no idea what sport the Super Bowl final is about. What she does know is that Jeniifer Aniston will also appear in the campaign.

It is known that during the Super Bowl break both David, Victoria and Jennifer Aniston; will appear in the spot, as well as other celebrities who are still unknown.

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