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Uber’s commercial for Covid19: “Thank you for not riding”

Anuncio de Uber | Thank You For Not Riding

Uber’s emotional commercial for Covid19 is one of the best advertising campaigns launched out by the pandemic.

There is a constant in advertising campaigns by Covid19. Brands cannot record material due to confinement and have to throw away a newspaper archive, request home recordings or make a compilation of everything that is released in the media and on social media.

Under this prism there are more successful campaigns than others, as is the case of Ikea or Tourism of Portugal. But one of the spots that we liked most is the one made by Uber.

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Uber’s commercial for Covid19 is an emotional succession of images inside the house due to confinement. The difference with the other advertising campaigns is that the selection of images, scenes and music is the best that has been launched.

The brand thanks us with “Thank You For Not Riding” and for not using their services to stay at home. A message of gratitude that ends with the phrase “Stay home for all who cannot.” And it is that the brand has promised to give away 10 million free trips for those essential workers who must go to their work by force majeure.

The Uber ad has been created by agency Wieden + Kennedy and producer Prettybird. The scenes were recorded by directors from around the world trapped at home who managed to recreate their “new normal.”

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