“Veggie Hacks”, the original action for children to eat vegetables

“Veggie Hacks” is the original advertising campaign for supermarkets Vea for children to eat vegetables

Feeding at home is often a problem, especially if we have children. Children do not like vegetables and making them see that it is beneficial for them is often very complicated. Aware of this, there are many supermarkets that have carried out marketing campaigns to avoid this problem.
This is the case of Delhaize supermarkets that changed the name to the vegetables or the endearing advertisement of Plus Supermarkets so that we can eat better.

Under this premise comes the last advertising campaign of Vea supermarkets in Argentina. “Veggie Hacks” is an original initiative for children to eat vegetables at home in a … different way.

Most children put everything they find at home in their mouths. Keys, controls, smartphones, … and modifying these behavior patterns is very complicated. If we add that they reject all those vegetables that are beneficial for them, the feeding of the little ones is complicated.

That is why Vea supermarkets have worked together with nutritionists and food designers to make a very original vegetable collection. “Veggie Hacks” transforms the vegetables that children normally refuse in those objects that they usually eat. Thus, they have made a command of the pumpkin TV, a beet key and a potato smartphone.

These products were distributed by all the supermarkets that the brand has in Buenos Aires and, although in our opinion they put too much plastic wrap, the idea fell among the consumers. They sent their videos showing how their children stopped biting everyday things to bite the “Veggie Hacks” and start knowing the flavors of the vegetables.

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