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  • HBO en Twitter Los Soprano

    HBO’s brilliant thread on Twitter to celebrate 20 years of The Sopranos

    A brilliant HBO action on Twitter to celebrate the 20 years of “The Sopranos” and it crash the net. It is 20 years since the first episode of Los Sopranos was broadcast. The famous TV series created by HBO premiered…

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  • The Whopper Detour Burger King

    Burger King trolls McDonald’s with “The Whopper Detour”

     Burger King trolls McDonald’s selling Whoppers at a dime with “The Whopper Detour.” The advertising war between Burger King and McD0nald’s seems to be continuing this 2019. It has been Burger King who has started firing first by selling…

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  • Best of 2018 in Youtube #YouTubeRewind

     #YouTubeRewind, The best of 2018 on YouTube is close to becoming the video with more dislikes of the platform. A summary of 2018. What can go wrong? If only it is to recover the most relevant events of the…

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  • The fun MoneySuperMarket ad parodying Thelma and Louise

    MoneySuperMarket returns with a parody of Thelma and Louise made with toy dolls. In the telling advertising agency we love the ads of MoneySuperMarket. Few creatives dare to catch He-man and Skeletor and put them to dance Fame or Dirty…

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  • The Diesel fake shop in New York

     The popular clothing brand creates its own Diesel fake shop in New York. In New York there is a street that is the paradise of fakes. Located between Chinatown and Little Italy, Canal Street is full of copies of…

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  • “Omo Book of Dirt”, The book for children that you can only read if you mess it up

     So that they go out to play more to the street, Omo’s detergent brand has created a book for children who can only read if they mess it up. New technologies are putting many obstacles to children’s education. More…

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  • Cannes Lions 2019

    All the Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2018

    The Grand Prizes delivered at Cannes Lions, the best advertising festival. The Festival of Advertising and Creativity at Cannes has ended, better known as the Oscars of Advertising. It brings together all the world’s creative talent to choose the best…

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  • Superhero Parents, a Delta’s viral campaign

     Superhero Parents is Delta’s viral campaign to make children believe that their parents are superheroes. We like this viral campaign from Delta called “Superhero Parents”. They have taken for granted the fact that children believe that their parents are…

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  • “The Vegetable Name Change”, from Delhaize supermarkets

    Delhaize supermakets change the vegetable names so the kids can like it. We like advertising for actions like this. When it seemed to be all said and written, new ad campaigns arrive to amaze you again. This is the case…

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  • The Sweat Sponsorship, from Omo Sports for Corinthians

    The Sweat Sponsorship is an original Corinthians shirt from Omo Sports. Sports sponsorship is one of the areas where brands strive to excel. There are many sports where we see original sponsorship proposals: Formula 1, NBA, Nascar or Football. The brands…

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  • Best Advertising Ads - CocaCola

    Top5: The best Coca-Cola commercials of all time

    We reviewed the five best Coca-Cola commercials throughout its history. John Pemberton couldn’t think when he devised a medicinal drink in 1886 that would become the most consumed soft drink in the world. And even less than after placing a…

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  • Best Super Bowl Commercial

    The Best Super Bowl Commercials

    A review of the best Super Bowl commercials in the match between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis. The SuperBowl the most watched sporting event in the United States. A perfect dresser for brands: they have…

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  • Promo de Expediente X

    Aliens in NYC, the fun X-Files promo in New York

     The X-Files promo in New York is a fun camera joke with hidden aliens. In 2016 a new round of chapters of the popular tv show File X was released. The return of the acclaimed series was viewed by…

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  • Spot de John Lewis Moz the Monster

    The new John Lewis Christmas Ad: #MoztheMonster

    The new John Lewis Christmas ad is an emotive story presenting ‘Moz the Monster’. It’s Christmas, yes. Because the John Lewis Christmas ad is here. Although earlier than usual, the chain of high-end department stores opens the Christmas ads season with its fantastic…

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  • Samsung gives the Note8 to passengers on an Iberia flight

    Samsung gives the Note8 to passengers on an Iberia flight to celebrate the launch of their new smartphone. Yes, as you read it. Samsung gives the Note8 to passengers on a flight from Iberia. The surprising action was made on…

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