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The original VisionWorks commercial with a hidden message

The agency Leo Burnett Chicago has carried out the original advertising campaign

Anuncio de VisionWorks

“Subtitles” is the title of the original VisionWorks commercial, an optician that plays with humor in its campaign.

The advertising campaigns of opticians always tend to have a plus of creativity that allows the viewer to be surprised. Today we bring you an original campaign from a chain of opticians in the United States, VisionWorks. The idea is to remember the importance of checking our eye health, but the important thing is how you do it.

“Subtitles” is the title of the VisionWorks commercial that consists of two parts: “Bed” and “Bomb Squad”. The campaign has been carried out by the Leo Burnett Chicago agency, which has played with humor to question the consumer.

The pieces are dressed as trailers for foreign films, one German and the other, in Japanese. In them the tension is present and you represent the typical scenes of action and terror that we all know. The subtitles are presented at a size that a person with normal vision should read them without problems; and these counteract the atmosphere of the scene with absurd humor.

At the end of the pieces, a text warns consumers: “If you’ve had trouble reading this, you need to get your eyes checked”; with a QR code that redirects us to a website to arrange a visit.

And it is that according to data from the brand, 84% of citizens in the United States consider that sight is the most important sense; but only 50% do a review every year.

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