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The new Volvo Trucks commercial: Happy drivers, happy dogs.

Volvo Trucks Happy Dogs

The Volvo Trucks commercial featuring happy dogs is an introduction to Turbo Compound technology.

Volvo Trucks ads are without doubt the funniest and most original advertising campaigns. They started with that hamster driving a Volvo truck and ended up making one of the best commercials of the decade with the legendary Epic Split with Jean Claude Van Damme.

Since then they have carried out viral campaigns putting the valet of the Monte Carlo casino in a hurry or stacking all the brand’s trucks one on top of the other. Always to announce a new technology or feature applied to your trucks.

Volvo Trucks commercial calms expectations a bit to show us its new Turbo Compound technology; and he does so by showing us happy dogs in the driver’s seat of Volvo trucks. To the rhythm of “The perfect day” by the Swedish artist Rico Won we see how some dogs enjoy the wind in the face mounted on the passenger seat.

The campaign has been created by the agency Forsman & Bodenfors and aims to promote the new Turbo Compound technology. This new Volvo technology saves fuel while offering a perfect driving experience. According to Maria Hilmersson, creative at the agency: “There is a truth that says that fuel efficiency is incompatible with driving pleasure. The Volvo VNL with Turbo Compound is proof that saving fuel does not have to be boring anymore. efficiency makes the entire crew happy, including the dogs.”



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