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Walmart commercial puts spotlight on helping people live better

Anuncio de Walmart | Live Better

“Live Better” is the purpose of the Walmart ad to help people.

This February coincides with the Winter Olympics and the premiere of the Super Bowl; a great month for brands to launch their advertising campaigns. This time it is Walmart, the American department store chain, which does not want to miss the appointment. And it does so after surprising us with two big announcements: the fantastic “Famous Cars” and “Famous Visitors” which, in successive years, paid homage to the iconic cars and ships from movies and series.

Post-pandemic, Walmart has shifted focus to focus on helping people. And he does it with an emotional advertising campaign that opens on the occasion of the Winter Olympics.

“Live Better” is the title of the Walmart commercial that has been released for the Olympics and the Super Bowl. It puts us in the shoes of the little stories that Walmart shoppers and employees experience, highlighting the security and technological sophistication of the brand.

Walmart emphasizes how its chain can help improve people’s quality of life, emphasizing the importance of “human connection” after two years of confinement.

According to William White, Walmart Chief Marketing Officer: “At Walmart, we understand how human connection ignites the potential for a better life. This campaign reveals the stories behind our associates and our customers that we believe will surprise, inspire and move people to understand that human connection.”

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