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Who sing the Just Eat Advert Song? [2022]

Katy Perry sings Just Eat advert song

Canción del Anuncio de Just Eat y Katy Perry

Whose song is played in the advert for Just Eat?

Just Eat chas revolutionized the fandom of Katy Perry. The popular North American singer is the protagonist of the advertising campaign carried out by the food delivery app.

With a style very much in keeping with the American singer, a simple home delivery is the excuse to turn the house into a festival of colors and fantasy worthy of a Disney movie. But, who has performed the Just Eat song?

Just Eat song advert sung by Katy Perry

The Just Eat advert song has been co-created by Katy Perry, Kris Pooley, McCann London and the original team from the celebrated Just Eat campaign with Snoop Dogg. “Did Somebody Say” is the pop song that gives voice to the thoughts of a normal person when she orders food at home. All represented with a jovial and carefree air that has no hidden meaning.

Says artist Katy Perry, “Working with Just Eat has been a really fun and natural experience. Most of my albums have had a very food and food background, from strawberries to mints and now Takeout is a regular thing for me on a Saturday night, so it’s been fun channeling that into a video that’s a combination of things I love: bright, pop colors, wild outfits, and food puns , sung over a catchy tune”.

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