‘Winning Delays’ turn holiday flight delays into entertainment

‘Winning Delays’ of Canal+ turn holiday flight delays into entertainment

Plane travel is usually the fastest way to move between great distances, but it has its drawbacks. One is flights delay, a problem that occurs more frequently without companies being able to do much about it.  The amount of delays is such that if you travel, you may have a 50% chance that your flight is delayed.

This causes great waiting for consumers and their consequent discomfort.To avoid this, Canal + has carried out an original action in Switzerland to entertain those passengers waiting for their flights. “Winning Delays” will offer us a free series depending on how long we are waiting for our plane.

The Canal+ marketing action will offer free visualizations to those who have suffered a delay in their flight. The campaign, in collaboration with Havas Village agency in Geneva, analyzes the real-time flight data of the airports and places electronic panels located at each of the boarding gates. So they can know the delay time that each flight has and depending on the time it offers a chapter of a series or a movie for free.

So, if your flight has been delayed one hour, you can see a chapter of your favorite series. If you delay two, you will be able to watch a movie. As easy as scanning the QR code of the electronic panel that will check your flight data and send you a link to watch Canal + for free.

“Winning Delays” has seemed to us an original action of the French chain to make the flight wait more bearable.

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