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The world’s most boring billboard

The world’s most boring billboard are in Malmö, Sweden.

In the telling advertising agency we love outdoor advertising. Whether advertising billboards, interactive opis or bus shelters. Outdoor advertising gives us a capacity for interaction with the public and an ability to surprise that is hardly equal to other media.

And we love it because even after so much time it still surprises us. As is the case today, where we will show you the most boring advertising fence in the world.

Valla de publicidad más aburrida

In Malmö, Sweden is a hard place to live. There it rains 211 days of the year, with a humidity of 82% and average winds of 16m / s. Most houses are built with wood and, under these conditions, it is easy for them to deteriorate. Sioo: x Wood Protection is a brand that offers a product to protect those woods. With a natural gray finish, they offer 12 years of protection for outdoor woods.

What usually happens when you highlight one of the benefits of your product is that people do not usually believe it. To prove it, they have placed a billboard in front of a shopping center in the Swedish city of Malmö.  The message, more anodyne impossible: “We are going to leave this advertising fence here for 12 years, just to show how durable our product is.”


Via | Creative Criminals



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