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A famous Youtuber have a Car Crash in a awareness campaign

The car crash of a famous Youtuber wants to raise awareness about the use of mobile phones among young people while driving.

Youtubers are those people who started uploading videos about their favorite video-games and ended up making a living by adding all kinds of content to the popular video platform. In marketing, the ‘Youtuber’ phenomenon caught everyone by surprise  and now the brands begin to understand how to get them to make subscribers to the thousands of followers they have on different social networks.

That’s because the followers of the most famous Youtubers have multiplied exponentially and are counted by millions. Many of them make a living thanks to the advertising inserted in their channel and are already considered ‘influencers’ over reputed journalists and professionals from various sectors.

accidente de tráfico de una Youtuber

A candy for many brands that start to count on them to carry out advertising campaigns and, in this case, awareness campaigns when using the mobile while driving. We talk about the latest action by Or Yarok in Israel (the association for the safe driving of that country) simulating a live car crash of a famous Youtuber to create a real impact on its thousands of followers.

And is that the use of mobile behind the wheel is becoming the main cause of traffic accidents in the Israeli country. 80% is caused by people using the mobile while driving.

The young people don’t see the shocking advertisements on traffic accidents, that’s why they decided to simulate a car crash of the youtuber Ashley Waxman Bakshi while answering the questions of his followers driving. Thanks to a false live streaming, the nearly 2,500 followers who followed him live were shocked to see what they thought was an accident of their live star.



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