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Canción del anuncio de Zalando

Whose song is playing in the Zalando 2021 ad: “Activists of Optimism”?

Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion and lifestyle platform, has launched its new advertising campaign. It’s called “Acitvists of Optimism” and it shows us those people who are bearers of joy and optimism. Zalando’s advertising campaign aims to celebrate and spread optimism through the simplicity of making people laugh.

Zalando’s ad is made up of 15-second shorts where we see the protagonists release their feelings and embrace positivity and joy. The videos feature some influencers like Dutch model Rianne Meijer and French dancer Salif Gueye, known for their upbeat content creation.

The Zalando 2021 advert song is sung by “Robin S” and the song is titled “Show Me Love.” This song is included within the self-titled album “Show Me Love” which was released in 1990. The song is considered one of the dance music anthems of all time, and has been covered countless times by different artists, bands and DJs.

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