Adobe’s commercial is a funny story to present the benefits of Acrobat

Actor Hasan Minhaj is the protagonist of the advertising campaign

Adobe’s commercial celebrates 30 years of the creation of PDF and the Acrobat program.

The PDF file format turns 30 years old. The Portable Document Format was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 and has since established itself as the standard format for sending documents. At the same time, the company created the Acrobat program to be able to get the most out of the new file format.

Now, to celebrate 30 years since the release of the PDF, Adobe has created a fun ad campaign. The idea is to promote the Acrobat family of applications.

“Fresh Scallops” is Adobe’s first commercial, followed by “I love you, Adobe.” Both have been directed by Josh Soskin, produced by Ladybug and are starring American actor and presenter Hasan Minhaj.

Adobe’s commercial puts us in a meeting where we see Minhaj talking to his representative. This proposes the terms to star in the new Adobe campaign and immediately afterwards, they stamp the signature on a tablet, triggering a somewhat surreal situation.

Adobe’s second commercial sees how the actor arrives at a classic cubicle office to announce the new benefits of Acrobat. All rudimentary and manual work will be replaced by digital elements and the subsequent rebellion against the ties of face-to-face work.

The campaign will be broadcast during Major League Baseball games and PGA golf tournaments, as well as the NBA playoffs.

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