Budweiser commercial for Super Bowl 2024: “Old School Delivery”

The ad was directed by Emmy-winning director Alex Henry Rubin.

Budweiser commercial brings back the iconic Clydesdale horse breed to recapture an old tradition.

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated commercials of the Super Bowl is Budweiser. The best-selling beer brand in the United States and the one that most represents American values usually leaves its mark on each Super Bowl event.

This year it once again features the iconic breed of Clydesales horses, which always appear in the brand’s advertising campaigns. This time, heavy snow will close the streets and there will only be one way to get Budweiser into the bars.

“Old School Delivery” is the title of Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial. It was directed by Emmy-winning director Alex Henry Rubin.

The piece brings together the classic protagonists of a Budweiser advertisement: Clydesales horses and a small dog puppy. To this end, a heavy snowfall will prevent the brand’s trucks from supplying the establishments in the area. Lucky for a worker who plans to do it the old school way.

So, they load the beer barrels on a cart and thanks to the horses they manage to overcome the snowfall to be able to carry the load to the bar. In the end, the little puppy will guide them to the place.

According to the brand, in a statement: “We are committed to delivering for our consumers and bringing people together around a Budweiser. This commitment has been strong since 1876.”

On game day, Clydesdale horses will make cart deliveries in Las Vegas, the host city. The Budweiser ad will also be played in the Exosphere, the famous sphere in Las Vegas.

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