Burger King’s Christmas advert that questions Santa Claus

The BBH agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Burger King’s Christmas advert opts for a sarcastic tone against the grain of other advertising campaigns.

Christmas adverts are often prone to easy tears. The emotionality of the holidays, the reunions with loved ones or the excitement of the little ones invite us to carry out emotional advertising campaigns.

That is why a more sarcastic vision of Christmas is appreciated, such as the Burger King Christmas advert. The brand brings out its most cynical side to pirate everything we know about Christmas.

Burger King Christmas Campaign

“Hijacking Christmas” is the title of Burger King’s Christmas advert. It has been made by the BBH agency and consists of sullying Christmas traditions and questioning unquestionable figures.

In a first piece, the brand plays with the double meaning of “Whopper” to suggest that Santa Claus is a fraud. So, under this headline we see good old Santa eating a hamburger suggesting that it is impossible for him to deliver all the Christmas presents by himself.

Burger King’s Christmas advert also puts a twist on the Christmas carol “Driving Home for Christmas” to “Driving (Thru The) Home (Of The Whopper) For Christmas.”

This song will be broadcast on all local stations in the United Kingdom to try to convince those citizens driving home for Christmas to stop at a Burger King.

According to Felipe Serradourada Guimaraes, executive deputy creative director of BBH London: “Burger King is a challenging brand. For this reason, instead of joining the celebration of Christmas, we have decided to hijack this holiday.”

For his part, Soco Núñez de Cela, brand & communications director of Burger King: “It is difficult for brands to stand out at Christmas. That is why we have decided to hijack Christmas. We have had a lot of fun uncovering what is possibly the biggest fraud of this season of the year and creating a melody that we hope people can’t stop humming this Christmas.”

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