Coca-Cola Foodmarks Celebrate Culinary Milestones and Pop Culture Moments

The campaign debuts by reimagining the historic photo of Marilyn Monroe with a Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Foodmarks aims to be a gastronomic guide that will review gastronomic milestones related to pop culture.

Coca-Cola is close to turning 140 years old, enough time to be part of numerous historical events throughout this time. From movies to musical hits, the most famous drink in the world has always been present.

Now, the American multinational has created a gastronomic guide titled “Foodmarks.” Five immersive experiences around the world inspired by captivating moments. The first reimagined the historic photo of Marilyn Monroe eating a hot dog and a Coca-Cola in New York.

“Marilyn Monroe FoodMark by Coca-Cola”

@hereinnyc AD | One of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic photos is coming alive with @CocaCola and their Foodmarks. Photos like these are being reimagined across the world with Coca Cola and turned into Foodmarks, bringing the past to the present. Use Time Out’s heatmap to find Foodmarks near you. Share your favorites with #Foodmarks #cocacola #foodmarks #recipeformagic #nychistory #newyorkcity #nyc ♬ original sound – John Friia | Here In NYC

“Coca-Cola Foodmarks” is the title of the Coca-Cola campaign developed and executed by WPP Open X, led by Ogilvy. It is an alliance with Time Out magazine to create a tourist and culinary guide that reviews moments of popular culture.

Around the world, 413 “FoodMarks” will be created that will showcase restaurants where memorable dishes have been served for decades. There will also be five immersive experiences recreating iconic moments that relate pop culture and Coca-Cola.

The first of them is titled “The Marilyn Monroe FoodMark” and is inspired by an iconic photo taken of Marilyn Monroe. In it we see the actress in Manhattan eating a hot dog and buying a Coca-Cola at a street stand. The immersive event featured theater numbers, dance and even a virtual Marilyn Monroe.

@thekatieromero #ad The Marilyn Monroe Foodmark by @Coca-Cola is one of the pop-ups in NYC you dont want to miss! #foodmarks #RecipeforMagic #nyc ♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

According to Elif Kaypak, global brand marketing leader at The Coca-Cola Company: “Food brands are a testament to the universal language of mealtime. The five globally iconic Foodmarks and hundreds more in neighborhoods around the world , celebrate the moments that have shaped culture and connected us through the shared magic of Coca-Cola.”

For her part, Stacy Bettman, CEO of Time Out Media: “We are delighted to work with Coca-Cola on this global partnership: it makes the most of what we do and represent as a brand: our love for cities and the dining experience. Al Like Coca-Cola, we believe that shared culinary and cultural experiences create great moments and bring people together.”

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