Google’s commercial for Super Bowl: “Javier in Frame”

The campaign was shot by Adam Morse, a blind director

Google’s Super Bowl commercial was filmed by a blind director thanks to the features of the Google Pixel 8.

A week before the Super Bowl, Google launched a “making of” where we saw how its ad was filmed for the event. In it we saw Adam Morse, a blind director, capturing all the moments lived with his partner.

Now we can see the result in an emotional campaign that shows us the functionalities of the Google Pixel 8, the brand’s new smartphone. An ad made thanks to the device’s “Guided Frame”.

“Javier in a Frame”, Google’s new campaign for the Super Bowl

“Javier in a Frame” is the title of Google’s Super Bowl commercial. The campaign presents the brand’s new smartphone: The Google Pixel 8. This functionality aims to facilitate the use of the camera for blind people, thanks to the “Guided Frame” functionality. This feature works with artificial intelligence and tells the user what is in front of the camera in order to take the photo.

Google’s Super Bowl commercial covers the most important moments in the life of Javi, a blind man. This documents all the moments, which range from when he falls in love until they start a family.

According to Adam Morse, director of the piece: “Making this film allows me to convey the experience of the blind and teach viewers the point of view of a blind person. I am doing everything possible to show an experience of blindness that seems authentic to me. , and that can be accessible to people with sight.”

The effect achieved in the Google commercial was made by smearing Vaseline on the camera lens, in order to imitate the visual perspective of a visually impaired person.

Behind the Scenes Google Pixel 8 commercial

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