“Shortcut Billboards” an original Mini’s outdoor ad campaign in Berlin

“Shortcut Billboards” is an original Mini’s outdoor ad campaign in Berlin that gives you a shortcut on the way.

We’ve loved the outdoor advertising campaign that Mini has made in Berlin, Germany. An initiative to demonstrate the benefits of Mini Connected, the new onboard system of German’s brand cars.

Mini Connected is a system incorporated into vehicles that provides drivers with real-time traffic information. This allows you to recalculate the route to get to the destination faster, thus avoiding the most congested roads. And, to publicize this new feature, Mini has made an outdoor advertising campaign that helps you get to your destination faster even if you’re walking.

Mini’s shortcut billboards are scattered throughout the city. They are shaped like doors and stairs to help pedestrians get from point A to point B as easily as possible. They have searched for locations where, if it were not for this shortcut, it would take about 10 minutes to travel.

An original proposal in outdoor advertising, turned into something interactive and also useful for pedestrians.

Via | TrendHunter

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