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Adidas’ inspiring advert against sports pressure: “You Got This”

The campaign aims to fight against the pressure that athletes suffer

Anuncio de Adidas | You Got This

The Adidas advert is an inspiring story about sports pressure to the rhythm of “Under Pressure.”

There is more and more talk about mental health in sport. The cases of Simone Biles or Ricky Rubio bring to the fore one of the great evils of athletes, knowing how to deal with pressure. And it does so by focusing on the little ones and when they begin their sports practices.

They are small moments that every athlete must go through and overcome. Sports pressure occurs at all levels and to make it visible, Adidas has launched this campaign to inspire young people around the world.

“You Got This” is the title of the Adidas advert that talks about mental health and sports pressure. The brand brings together some of its great ambassadors such as Lionel Messi, Jude Bellingham, Patrick Mahomes, Trinity Rodman, Linda Caicedo and Rohit Sharma.

The idea? inspire new generations of athletes so that they can overcome pressure at certain moments of the game. To do this, to the rhythm of “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen, they present a series of real stories to address this problem.

The Adidas advert shows us how non-professional athletes deal with the weight of sporting pressure. It also brings together some of the most iconic moments of Adidas ambassadors, and how they have been able to overcome that pressure. For example, we see Jude Bellingham scoring his first goal for Madrid or Emily Malewski performing a perfect jump in the German Championship.

According to Florian Alt, vice president of global brand communications at Adidas: “Understanding the extent to which sporting pressure affects performance underscores the importance of our mission to help athletes around the world overcome it: to fully unlock the joy that comes with sport.”

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