Apple’s Christmas advert inspired by Dickens’ classic

The agency TBWA Media Arts Lab has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Apple’s Christmas advert is titled “Fuzzy Feelings” and is inspired by the Dickens classic.

The English writer Charles Dickens is considered the best novelist of the Victorian era. One of his works, “Christmas Stories” is considered a classic of the Christmas season.

One of his stories is precisely the plot of Apple’s Christmas advert. Titled “Fuzzy Feelings” and made with stop motion animated images, it tells the story of a girl and her unfriendly boss.

“Fuzzy feelings” is the title of the Apple Christmas advert made by TBWA Media Arts Lab; and directed by Lucia Aniello, Emmy winner for her work in the series “Hacks.”

The piece recreates Charles Dickens’ classic with stop motion animated images. It starts with a guy with a mustache taking coins from a Santa Claus on the street. His actions have consequences and a gust of wind leaves him in his underwear while a snowplow leaves him frozen.

At that moment he reveals the situation, and it is that a girl is making an animated film for Christmas with an iPhone 15 Pro Max. The story continues in real life and shows us the girl’s inspiration for her film. None other than her boss, a nasty grumpy human being.

The story unfolds to the rhythm of George Harrison’s “Isn’t it a pity” until she gives him a gift for Christmas. Under the motto “You make the holidays,” Apple’s Christmas advert ends up transmitting a powerful message.

According to Apple in a statement: “Creativity has the power to change the way we see each other and sometimes looking at things with a new perspective can make a big difference.”

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