The billboard that smells like McDonald’s: “Smells Like McDonald’s”

The agency TBWA\NEBOKO has been in charge of the advertising campaign

These advertising billboards smelling like McDonald’s have been placed in cities such as Leiden and Utrecht.

Olfactory marketing serves to create immersive experiences that connect emotionally with people. And for those who haven’t experienced it, we smell some aroma and memories are immediately unlocked in our brain. A moment from childhood, a fragrance that reminds us of a person or the smell of food.

Well, McDonald’s has taken olfactory marketing to another level with the placement of billboards that give off the smell of… McDonald’s French fries. And it has done so without putting any brand logo or indication on the billboard.

“Smells Like McDonald’s” is the title of this billboard that smells like McDonald’s. The action has been created by the agency TBWA\NEBOKO in cities such as Leiden and Utrecht. The idea? that the consumer is able to identify the unmistakable smell of McDonald’s fries.

To demonstrate that this smell is an icon of the brand, they decided to place advertising billboards in cities in the Netherlands. These sites were simple, painted in the brand’s red and yellow. From a distance you couldn’t see anything, but if you stood less than 5 meters away, the fences emanated the characteristic smell of McDonald’s fries.

The billboard that smells like McDonald’ were placed 200 meters from one of the multinational’s restaurants, so that passers-by could satisfy their craving.

According to Darre van Dijk, CCO of TBWA\NEBOKO: “We are always looking for ways to give the brands’ most iconic elements the place they deserve in popular culture. And the aroma of McDonald’s fries is without a doubt one of those iconic elements.”

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