Coca-Cola advert to celebrate Chinese New Year: “Real Magic”

The Coca-Cola advert celebrates the Chinese New Year with a beautiful animated campaign.

Brands are celebrating the Chinese New Year and the arrival of the Year of the Tiger. The Chinese community is being very important for the companies, which do not hesitate to congratulate the event in the best possible way. We recently had Apple’s advert for the Chinese New Year and now we have Coca-Cola’s.

“Real Magic Lunar New Year” is the title of Coca-Cola’s advert to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It has been made by Ogilvy Shanghai and created by creative Yves Geleyn. The campaign is part of Coca-Cola’s new global brand philosophy “Real Magic” within its new advertising strategy.

Coca-Cola’s campaign chronicles a son’s homecoming during the holidays. Tensions between him and his father are aggravated by sharing a bottle of Coca-Cola. The ad draws inspiration from traditional Chinese folklore, illustration and sculptures and captures the importance of family and generations.

The Coca-Cola advert is made with elegant animation, with layers and bright colors. The lighting and attention to detail offers an exquisite appearance that almost resembles an artistic painting. For the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola has prepared a series of exclusive cans with illustrations of the campaign.

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