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Coca-Cola and Marvel present their limited edition with an spectacular advert

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Anuncio de Coca-Cola y Marvel | "The Heroes"

The Coca-Cola and Marvel commercial presents us with the new limited edition of collectible cans with Marvel characters.

Coca-Cola’s marketing and advertising strategy often involves launching special editions of its cans. They had a great reception with the famous Coca-Cola cans with people’s names written on them or those that contained hopeful messages on them.

Now they are teaming up with Marvel to launch a series of collectible illustrated cans with different characters. Up to 38 original characters can be obtained and scanned to collect them digitally. And they have announced it with a spectacular animated campaign.

“The Heroes” is the title of Coca-Cola and Marvel’s commercial featuring the new line of collectible cans featuring Marvel heroes and villains. Characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Deadpool, Captain America among others will delight collectors.

And he has done so by launching a spectacular animated piece that tells the story of a comic book saleswoman with a Juggernaut t-shirt that comes to life. He will destroy everything before Falcon tries to stop him. Juggernaut will release a shockwave that will bring other heroes like Daredevil to life.

Together they will take a bottle of Coca-Cola from the refrigerator to leave it in front of the saleswoman, thus unleashing the “Real Magic”, a concept with which Coca-Cola pilots its latest advertising campaigns.

The collectible Coca-Cola cans can be scanned and, thanks to augmented reality, they will come to life. You can also win prizes and enter the raffle such as tickets, collectible boxes or items signed by the actors.

According to Mindy Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Partnerships at Walt Disney: “Our corporate alliance with Coca-Cola has positioned us to develop something very innovative in the industry. We have taken the traditional marketing paradigm and redefined it in the best way. possible.”

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