The emotional Dogs Trust commercial: “The story of Rob and Milo”

The VCCP agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

The Dogs Trust commercial, the UK’s largest dog NGO, shows us how a dog can support us for a lifetime.

In the UK there is a charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs. It’s called the Dog Trust and it has launched an emotional campaign to show that dogs are our best partners to support us throughout our lives.

And it is that the NGO has detected how many owners have no choice but to give up their pets since they cannot maintain them. They receive more than 1,000 calls a week from many people who, much to their regret, have to leave their dog behind. To avoid losing them, DogTrust has started a campaign to raise awareness.

“Ground Dog Day” is the title of the Dogs Trust commercial. It has been made by the VCCP agency and produced by Rosie Good. The ad recreates the daily life of a dog named Milo and his owner. Since the dog jumps on the bed to say good morning, going through the walk in the park and saying goodbye before going to sleep.

The main campaign will be accompanied by short 10-second videos providing owners with simple, quick and positive advice.

According to Nick Daniel, Marketing Director of the Dogs Trust: “The rising cost of living is having a huge impact on dog owners. We are receiving an unprecedented number of calls from people who feel they have no choice but to give up their loved dogs because they can no longer afford to keep them. We created this campaign to highlight all the ways we can help them so they don’t have to part with them. We want to celebrate the joy they bring us and keep them where they are happiest.”

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