Dove’s campaign wants to hack the ad industry from inside

The Dove campaign is titled “It’s on Us” and continues the #ShowUs initiative by hacking model castings from the ad industry.

Undoubtedly, Dove is one of the brands that has managed to find its own distinctive path in advertising. She started it in 2013 with a simple slogan that said “Real Women” and revolutionized “Beauty Branding” with powerful insight and the target audience was quickly identified.

In 2019, she launched #ShowUs, an advertising campaign in collaboration with Getty Images that claimed the role of the ordinary woman in commercials. And it is that 70% of women do not feel identified with the image that is given of them in advertising.

But Dove does not consider it enough and has launched a new campaign entitled “It’s on us” in which the advertising industry and model castings are hacked from within.

“It’s on Us” is Dove’s latest advertising campaign within its #ShowUs project. A campaign that aims to ensure that women outside the canons established by advertising are the protagonists of the campaigns. The message that the models repeated in their videos was simple: “If you choose me and show me who I really am, Dove will cover the cost of my image rights.”

Dove was positioned to defray the expenses of the models if a brand decided to hire them for its advertising campaigns. Brands such as Magnum, Krispy Kreme, Cif or Nedbank joined the initiative.

According to Sophie van Ettiger, vice president of the brand: “For more than 60 years, Dove has been taking steps to represent real beauty, working to break stereotypes. We know that if women do not feel represented, it can prevent them from reaching their full potential. As a brand that continually challenges narrow ideals of beauty, it is our duty to help others represent all beauty in their advertising.”

Dove’s “It’s on Us” advertising campaign provides brands with a more diverse representation of beauty. In doing so, they help change the way women are represented in advertising. This has been shown to have a positive impact on women’s confidence with their appearance.

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