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The fun EasyToys advert: “The Clitoris Conquest”

The Officer & Gentlemen agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de EasyToys | The Clitoris Conquest

EasyToys’ advert wants to put an end to the “orgasmic gap” that women suffer.

When having sex, less than 30% of women reach orgasm. A fact that contrasts with 90% of men, who do reach climax. This is known as the “orgasmic gap.”

A gap that the Dutch erotic toy brand EasyToys wants to close. And it does so with a fun advertising campaign that recreates the popular TV show “Survivors” and how the members want to conquer Mount Clitoris.

“The Clitoris Conquest” is the title of the EasyToys advert made by the Officer & Gentlemen agency. The idea is to make the population aware of this orgasmic gap and what they can do to reduce it.

To do this, they have created a reality show called “The Clitoris Conquest” that takes references from television programs such as Supervivientes or The Challenge. This reality show stars three couples who compete to reach the imaginary Mount Clitoris and will find themselves in situations that play with double meanings.

According to Alexa Katz, executive creative director of Officer & Gentlemen: “This campaign marks the beginning of a new approach for the brand in which sex positivity and open communication are placed at the forefront to fuel the growth of EasyToys throughout the old continent. The campaign is part of a long-term strategy to bring its creative platform ‘It’s Playtime’ to life through activations specifically designed to generate interactions around cultural and social issues in a fun way.”

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