Mejores Anuncios de 2022

Puma’s advert for the Qatar World Cup: “Find your Fearless”

The Puma advert kicks off the advertising campaigns for the World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup in Qatar is here and the brands have already started to launch their advertising campaigns. And it is not for less, it is…

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Puma’s campaign to empower women: “She Moves Us”

Puma’s powerful campaign empowers multi-talented women, starring singer Dua Lipa. The feminist movement has broken down the doors and penetrated with great force at all levels of society. The world of sports has not been left out and there are…

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Adidas and Puma: The story of two brothers facing each other

Adidas and Puma: We analyze the history of the creation of Adidas and how Puma was created with the rivalry with its brother. They engaged their whole lives in an unscrupulous business battle that spilled over into their children and…

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