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Kit Kat commercial encourages us to take a break from AI

The Courage agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Kit Kat | Have ai break

The Kit Kat commercial encourages us not to overwhelm the AI by urging us to type “Have a break, and then” in questions on ChatGPT.

If there is a technology that has turned the world upside down in the last year, it is artificial intelligence. But we have used it so much to the point that the quality of its responses has decreased. According to a study by Google’s AI research laboratory, language models reach up to 80% accuracy if we add the tagline “Take a deep Breath.”

The Kit Kat chocolate brand has found a vein to present its latest advertising campaign and relate it to artificial intelligence. The idea? Write the brand slogan before asking a question.

“Have AI Break, Have A KitKat” is the title of the Kit Kat commercial made by the Courage agency in Canada. The campaign echoes the study carried out by Google’s AI research laboratory, DeepMind.

This study concludes that LLMs (large language models) achieve more precision if, before the initial instructions, the tagline “Take a deep breath” is added. The results reach 80.2% precision. An opportunity that the Kit Kat creatives have not missed.

And the chocolate brand created in 1935 by the Rowntree Limited company in York and later bought by Nestlé, has been using the same slogan since 1957: “Have a break… have a Kit Kat”.

The Kit Kat commercial gives us instructions to improve our results when we ask questions on ChatGPT. Of course, they have made a small change to encourage us to write “Have a break, and then” followed by our question. With this, we will improve the quality of the response.

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