Netflix’s strategy on TikTok: “User Generated Action Scenes”

The agency BBDO Bangkok has been in charge of the original proposal

Marketing de Netflix en TikTok

Netflix’s strategy on TikTok that allows users to unleash their imagination with clips from their movies.

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat the enemy, join him. And it is that the irruption of TikTok in our lives has changed our small daily actions. You’re doing anything and before you know it, you’ve wasted 15 minutes scrolling through your TikTok feed. And that is a problem when, for example, we are watching a streaming series.

TikTok is a different social network, with its own norms, rules and community. Brands must go a step further to generate marketing strategies on TikTok. This is the case of Doritos which, with “Triangle Tracker” managed to reach more than 4 million interactions.

“User Generated Action Scenes” is the title of the Netflix TikTok campaign created by agency BBDO Bangkok. The premise is clear, and it is that the rise of short videos such as Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts or TikTok are managing to capture the attention of users. This short format is prevailing over the long-term format such as Netflix series and/or movies.

Netflix’s strategy on TikTok to get those users back has been based on letting the community create content together with great celebrities. So, to promote the movie “The Gray Man” starring Ryan Gosling, the best action scenes were turned into short videos. These were posted on TikTok and allowed users to interact with them.

The response from the community was immediate. With over 400 million views on TikTok, users let their creativity run wild. Participation in the fights, readaptation of the scene, commentators or asking for help were some of the many interactions with the film clips.

Result? The release of “The Gray Man” became the highest grossing film in Thailand.

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