Nike’s commercial for women’s soccer that has impacted the world

Nike’s commercial for women’s football: “Dream Further” that has impacted the world.

The Women’s World Cup is becoming strategically important for brands. It is an unbeatable opportunity to get on the positive current that women’s soccer is not offering. Recently we talked about the fantastic commercial of the German women’s soccer team, today it is Nike’s turn.

“Dream Further” is Nike’s ad for women’s football that continues with its campaign “Dream Crazy” started with Colin Kaepernick and the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the slogan “Just Do It”.

Fort the women’s World Cup the brand has launched an attractive campaign to promote women’s football. Nike wanted to show force, as it did in its day with that fantastic “Airport”, it wants to mark a before and after in its brand strategy regarding the sponsorship of women’s football.

The commercial is played by the ex-player of the English team Alex Scott and the star of the e-Sports ‘F2TEKKZ’. But the real protagonist is Makena Cooke, a 10-year-old soccer player from California.

In three minutes they show us an inspiring, fresh and modern video that encourages us to leave behind everything classic about this sport and embrace the new modern football, one where women are protagonists.

Via | Lavanguardia 

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