The collaborative collection of Puma and Noah in a nude tennis match

The Chandelier Creative studio has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Puma y Noah colección colaborativa

Puma and Noah launch a collaborative collection with a radical campaign consisting of a nude tennis match.

Collaborations between brands is a booming trend this decade. There have been unions of all kinds, such as Gucci and Adidas, Netflix and Lacoste, Absolut and Heinz or Pokémon and Oreo. Now the fashion brands Puma and Noah are joining forces to launch a new collaborative collection.

Noah is an American-born men’s clothing brand that fuses the rebellious vibrancy of skate, surf and music cultures with an innovative appreciation of classic menswear. Puma, on the other hand, is dedicated to the manufacture of footwear and sportswear. Now, both brands are collaborating to launch a new joint clothing line.

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“Winning Streak” is the title of the advertising campaign for Puma and Noah created by the Chandelier Creative studio. The ad features the new clothing line that both brands have launched in a collaborative collection. The spot has been directed by Brian Billow and produced by O Positive. Under the motto “Dare to Unbare” he presents us with a nude tennis match.

Puma and Noah’s commercial is a casual tennis match where everyone goes without clothes: players, referee, public and security. All with an aesthetic reminiscent of the 70s and where brands present a reinterpretation of their classics. The lighthearted campaign shows us a scene that we will all recognize: the irruption of a spontaneous nudist to interrupt the game. Only this time the spontaneous is dressed as opposed to the nudist public of the event.

According to Alexandra Weiland, Puma’s Senior Director of Marketing: “Noah are true masters of the craft when it comes to reinterpreting classics. Working with the team to reimagine pieces from PUMA’s sports archive has been a unique opportunity to create something new, a true synergy. creative between the two brands; the same can be said for the campaign.”

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