Top 10: Ten Best Commercials of 2022

The year is about to end and it is time to list the best advertising campaigns launched in 2022.

We have chosen the ten best commercials of 2022. Discover the best advertising campaigns and adverts that have been released this 2022.

We could define 2022 as the year of a return to normal practice. After an apocalyptic 2020 and a 2021 in which we were promised more than it actually was, this has been the year of a return to routine. Back to those Christmases in 2019 before the pandemic turned the world upside down.

And that has been noticed when carrying out new advertising campaigns. Brands and creatives have been able to expand their horizons to bring us emotional, funny and motivational stories. A year in which the Deep Fake have broken in to stay and the intimate stories and friendship have reached our hearts.

In Eslogan Magazine we have made a balance of the year. We have analyzed, selected and chosen the best commercials of 2022. A very demanding year, with really impressive and creative advertising campaigns. But without a doubt, the best advertisements of 2022 crown Spanish brands and advertising agencies in Spain. And it is that six of the ten best advertisements of the year have been made in our country. Quite an achievement and one that sums up the brilliant state of creativity in Spain.

So these are our top ten advert campaigns of 2022. We’ve had to leave out some brilliant ad campaigns; But that’s why we’re here, to play. Just like we did with the top ten adverts of 2021, we’re going to decide the top ten commercials of 2022. Shall we start?

10. France Parkinson – Parker

We start our top 10 ads of the year with this little gem produced in France. “Parker” is the title of the France Parkinson advert in association with TBWA Paris and produced by Badass Films and directed by Julián Zuazo.

The idea is to recreate the daily problems caused by Parkinson’s through dance and dancing. Thus, the fluid movements of the dance recreate the problems of the protagonist to carry out basic actions in her house. To the rhythm of “Oasis” by the artist “La Chica”, the movements created by the choreographer Alejandra Capello recount the impossibility of moving correctly.

9. Oreo – The Note

“The Note” is the title of Oreo’s advert in support of the LGTBIQ+ community. Work of the agency 360i and directed by the director Alice Wu. The story revolves around a young man who tells his family that he is gay.

Impeccably done, the voiceover is accompanied by close-ups to show us how nervous he is and the tension he is experiencing. All together with the reassuring movements of his mother before a moment that will mark his life. The ad ends with the phrase “Coming out doesn’t just happen once.”

8. Leche Pascual – Never stop growing

We started with the first advertisement created in our country. “Never stop growing” is the title of the Leche Pascual commercial created by the El Ruso de Rocky agency. It has been produced by Agosto and directed by Cric.

A campaign that begins with one of those mandates that we have all been told, and that we apply to our children: “Come on, finish the milk.” A phrase that transports us directly to our childhood, either with our parents or grandparents and therefore, to moments of our lives without so many worries.

7. Barcelona Erotic Show – Fragile masculinity

“Fragile masculinity” is the title of the commercial for the Barcelona Erotic Show created by Carles Valdés and the producer Vimema.

Creativity represents various everyday situations such as the comparison of men’s penises, the inability to cry in public or expressions of affection between men. Some situations that focus on advertising, cinema or sports as guilty of preconceived ideas about what it means to be a man.

6. ColaCao – Repeat with me

“Repeat with me: I am Unique” is the title of ColaCao’s advert against child bullying. It has been made by BBDOProximity and aims to help combat and visualize bullying. The goal is to create a more diverse society that can combat bullying.

And it does so by sending a message of empowerment and inviting boys and girls to believe in themselves. It presents different situations that parents have to deal with their children to raise their self-esteem through the phrase “Repeat with me”.

Thus, children become aware of what makes them unique.

5. Nike – Footballverse

We entered the top 5 of the best commercials of 2022. At number 5 we find one of the brands that never fail in the summaries of the best advertising campaigns of the year: Nike. And it is that for the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar they took off their hats with this superb advertising campaign: FootballVerse.

Made by Wieden+Kennedy, it represents Nike’s vision of the metaverse applied to soccer. Thanks to DeepFake they have recreated the “prime” versions of players like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo Nazario, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé, Van Dijk, De Bryune, Alex Morgan or Edgar Davids.

4. Dove – Toxic Influence

“Toxic Influence” is the title of the Dove advert. It has been created by Ogilvy and is part of “The Dove Self-Esteem Project” program that was launched in 2004 to help new generations to be positive with their appearance.

Dove’s ad uses DeepFake to put the advice that influencers give us in the mouths of mothers. Thus, a selection of mothers and daughters discover the message that Dove launches, reflecting the dangers and misleading messages that are said on social networks.

3. Alsa – As long as there’s a reason

And we fully enter the three best commercials of 2022. The third position is for a brand that is not usually on the best of the year lists: It is Alsa, the bus company. “As long as there’s a reason…” is the title of the campaign carried out by the &Rosás agency and produced by Glassy Films.

The commercial shows us different protagonists who use Alsa buses at different times in their lives. Gestures, looks and words alternate building their stories. All accompanied by emotional music, a version of “Somewhere” by Duncan Dhu performed on piano.

2. Decathlon – 30 years

In second position we find the Decathlon ad to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the landing in Spain of the French brand. “30 years commercials” is the title of the campaign carried out by Ogilvy Madrid.

The piece values the connection between sport and life in a very emotional way, with music as the unifying element of the images. A very intimate version of “Como yo te amo” by Rocío Jurado, almost at the ASMR level to raise the ad and give us goosebumps. A creative line that they followed to launch the Decathlon Christmas commercial, a campaign that was left out of the top 10 by very little.

1. Donuts – The perfect circle

And we come to what we consider the best commercial of 2022. A story that transports us to our childhood through a story full of nostalgia and love. “The perfect circle” is the title of the Donuts commercial created by Oriol Villar.

The story, which lasts four and a half minutes, begins with the fortuitous entry of a girl into a grocery store. The protagonist is lost, both literally and metaphorically, and she doesn’t know what to do with her life. When she sees some Donuts on the shelf, it triggers a series of memories into one last memorable night.

That’s when the Donuts ad guides us through the theme “The perfect circle” by the Fresquito and Mango group. A lively and happy pop/rock song that serves as the background for a perfect night of partying, joy and fun; and that helps our protagonist to rediscover and reconcile with life.

And here is our summary of the best commercials of 2022. As you may have guessed, many of the best advertising campaigns of the year have been left out, but it is what you have to make a selection of only ten ads. If you want to know which have been the best commercials launched in 2022, we invite you to do so on our dedicated page that we update for each campaign. Or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with the latest releases from the big brands.

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