The ten best free fonts of 2018

Ten best free fonts of 2018

We review what have been ten of the best free fonts of 2018.

At the end of the year it is time to take stock and compile in different sectors. In telling advertising we made a list with the best commercials of 2018. Now it’s time to look back to remember ten of the best free fonts of 2018.

A fantastic compilation that they have done from Domestika and that will help us to finish our projects. All fonts are free, created by professionals so that anyone can use them. Thus, we started the list of the ten best free fonts of 2018.

Blacker, from Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli

2018 has tended to perform exaggerated serifs. Blacker typography evokes, with its contrasts, the aesthetics of the 70s. The complete typography includes 24 styles divided into two subfamilies: a display, for headlines and another designed for longer texts.

Download Blacker tipography

Formula Consensed, from Mathieu Desjardins

It is a condensed typeface that adapts easily to all types of projects. In addition, the designer has added alternative glyphs for capital letters, highlighting the “t”, the “f”, the “w” and the “Q”.

Download Formula tipography

Potra, from Alejo Bergmann

Inspired by space and futuristic in appearance, this curved-line typography designed by the Argentinian Alejo Bergmann is perfect for projects that require a display font. The best thing about this typeface is that it includes letters, numbers and symbols and can be used freely in any project.

Download Potra tipography

Borsok, from Dastan Miraj

Borsok is one of the best typographies of 2018 for branding, packaging, posters and projects in which the use of capital letters is more than enough. The typography of Dastan Miraj can be freely used in both personal and commercial projects.

Download Borsok tipography

Monument Extended, from Mathieu Desjardins

With a strong presence, this typography by Mathieu Desjardins, with its five styles, is the perfect choice for publishing projects, posters and logos with a strong personality.

Download Monument Extended tipography

Cout, from Justin Delmotte

The originality of Cout typography makes it perfect for posters and designs in which communication has to be precise and direct.

Download Cout tipography

Radio-Grotesk, from Jack Harvatt

Clean, simple and without serifs, that’s Radio-Grotesk. A typography that includes uppercase and lowercase, 3 styles with 340 styles each that supports English and most European languages. This typeface can be used freely in personal projects.

Download Radio Grotesk tipography

Palmer Grotesque, from Oleksandr Lykhohrai

His name gives a hint of what was the inspiration of Oleksandr when designing this typeface. Indeed, Twin Peaks, the famous series directed by David Lynch has played an essential role in the creation of this typographical font full of curves and contrasts.

Download Palmer Grotesque tipography

Woodland, de Mathieu Desjardins

Versatile and elegant, Woodland draws attention for the symmetry of its glyphs and its curves. Each of the characters that make up the six weights of this typographic family has been designed with attention to detail to find the perfect balance.

Download Woodland tipography

Zuijin, from Sebastián Fermín

It is the most cinephile typography of the entire selection, and that is that Zuijin was conceived and designed for movie credits. This typeface is free to use for personal projects and the designer shares it for free, although you can also pay what you want for it.

Download Zuijin tipography

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