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Volkswagen’s emotional campaign and people’s love for their cars

The creative agency adam&eveDDB has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Volkswagen | Your Wagen

Volkswagen’s campaign is titled “YourWagen” and is a celebration of drivers’ emotional connection with their vehicles.

If there is a car brand in the world with many followers, it is undoubtedly Volkswagen. The German brand has iconic cars such as the popular Beetle, the Grand California caravan or the Golf GTI.

For their latest campaign they wanted to show the love their followers feel for their cars and how they have changed their lives. Under the concept “YourWagen” they present us with an emotional advertisement.

“YourWagen” is the title of the Volkswagen campaign created by the agency adam&eveDDB, produced by Dark Energy and Finn McGough. The brand aims to celebrate its fans around the world by creating a communication platform that reflects real stories.

Volkswagen means “The people’s car” and this is the insight of the campaign. The agency has highlighted the role that the brand’s cars have played in the lives of those who drive them. Under the claim “Without the Volks, there is no Wagen” (Without the people, there are no cars) the brand shows the emotional connection of the drivers.

The piece shows us different stories with current and archival images, all accompanied by the song “Thank You for Being a Friend”, by Andrew Gold. The campaign therefore has independent pieces where it shows individual stories. Like for example Luke, who has a collection of 30 cars, including the “Herbie” model, which appeared in the movie “The Love Bug.”

According to Sarah Cox-Thornley, Marketing Director at Volkswagen UK: “This new brand platform is special. We have involved our customers and fans from the beginning and have worked with them to create something we consider to be truly unique and collaborative. It is something that other brands simply couldn’t do and taps into the breadth and depth of our fan base.”

Volkswagen – LuksWagen

Volkswagen – HanzalahsWagen

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