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Volkswagen’s Super Bowl teaser hints at the return of the Beetle

The German brand will advertise at the Super Bowl after 10 years

Teaser de Volkswagen | Arrival - Super Bowl 2024

Volkswagen’s teaser warms up for the Super Bowl by remembering its origins and hinting at a return of the Beetle.

The Super Bowl arrives on February 11 in Las Vegas. And brands are starting to warm up to launch their advertising campaigns on the day of the event. This is the case of Volkswagen, which wants to commemorate its arrival in the United States 75 years ago.

The question is… is the German brand hinting at the return of the Beetle or will it be a commemorative video of Volkswagen’s arrival in the USA? The title of the teaser: “Arrival” also does not help decipher the German brand’s plans.

“Arrival” is the title of Volkswagen’s teaser for the Super Bowl 2024. The brand wants to commemorate the 75th anniversary in the United States with a campaign for the big event after 10 years.

The teaser, which lasts 15 seconds, shows black and white images and the reactions of pedestrians when seeing a car as iconic as the Beetle for the first time. According to the brand, in a statement: “75 years ago, at a time when bigger was understood as better, this strange-looking car arrived in America. It was a fish out of water, until the counterculture embraced it.”

Speculation has not been long in coming and there are voices that speak of the return of the mythical beetle. It seems somewhat unlikely since the brand announced in 2020 that it was discontinuing the model. And it did so with an emotional advertising campaign, which was crowned the best advert of 2020 for Eslogan Magazine.

Everything indicates that the brand will present its new vision of the future referring to the company’s electric models. We will have to wait until February 11 for this.

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