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Adidas and Trae Young show kids that “Impossible is Nothing”

Anuncio de Adidas y Trae Young

Adidas and Trae Young focus on the new generations to show them that “Impossible is Nothing”

Adidas found in its slogan “Impossible is Nothing” its philosopher’s stone. It managed to equate to Nike’s “Just Do It” with a concept that laid the foundations of the future for the German brand; and it gave us some of the best Adidas commercials in its history.

Now, 11 years after that distant 2006, Adidas wants to instill that feeling that nothing is impossible to the new generations. And he does it from the hand of Trae Young, the star of the Atlanta Hawks and one of the most acclaimed players in the NBA.

“Impossible is Nothing” is the title of the Adidas advert with Trae Young created by Cartwright agency and directed by Anthony Mandler. In it we hear a narration in which he lists the statistics of a young Norman player in Oklahoma that make him catapult to the NBA. And like him little by little he surpassed all expectations until he reached the Atlanta Hawks.

To celebrate the start of the American season, Adidas and Trae Young have created a new collection of sneakers, the Trae Young 1. According to the player, in a statement: “This moment is really special, as it is a reminder for the next generation. from fans who, through hard work and concentration, can achieve their dreams. “

This collection features five different color combinations that refer to the player’s personal tastes. According to Eric Wise, General Manager of Adidas Basketball: “Without a doubt, Trae is one of a kind in his class, and his signature shoe is no exception. He embodies the mindset of unlimited potential: unafraid to let anything get in the way of his ambition, he pushes the boundaries, proves the critics wrong, and creates new space for himself and the game.”

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