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Amazon Prime commercial portrays new beginnings

The Wieden+Kennedy London agency is in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Amazon Prime | Concrete Jungle

The Amazon Prime commercial consists of two stories in which it portrays the new beginnings that we sometimes face in life.

Start again. It is something that we all, sooner or later, have had to do. A move to another house, a new job or having a child. Situations that force us to leave our comfort zone and face our fears.

That is the premise of Amazon Prime’s new advert for the launch of its global campaign. It is made up of two campaigns that reflect these new beginnings. The first tells how a young woman moves to a new city and the second how a new father tries to survive the first months.

Amazon Prime Commercial – Concrete Jungle

The Amazon Prime commercials are titled “Concrete Jungle” and “Double Shot Dad” and were shot by agency Wieden+Kennedy London and directed by Michael Spiccia.

The first, titled “Concrete Jungle” shows us how a young woman moves to a sad apartment that lacks a little life. Inspired by the series “Good Omens”, she will decide to put dozens of plants in the house to give it a little life.

The second Amazon ad is titled “Doule Shot Dad” and shows us how a new father tries to find energy after watching the series “The Boys.” Through Amazon he will find a goal to pursue in coffee, from buying beans to a coffee maker that grinds it.

Amazon Prime Commercial – Double Shot Dad

According to Jo Shoesmith, global chief creative officer at Amazon: “These stories demonstrate how Amazon plays a huge role in the lives of our customers; whether it’s helping them pursue new interests, start a new life transition, or connect them with the things they love. “The campaign embraces human stories with which people can feel perfectly identified.”

For their part, Charlie Lanus and Lucas Reis, creative directors of Wieden + Kennedy London: “We wanted to expand the Amazon universe by exploring people’s emotions and motivations; finding new and interesting stories in which the brand remains at the center “

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