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“An Urban Poem”, an ode of love to the city by Mini

An Urban Poem Mini

“An Urban Poem” is the advertising campaign for Mini’s “Urban-X” startup accelerator.

Living in the city has no middle ground, you either love it, or you hate it. This is the starting point of the new advertising campaign carried out by Mini, and which is an ode to the advantages and disadvantages of living in a city.

Urban-X is a Start-up accelerator owned by Mini, where they promote those most urgent urban projects to improve the city. For their advertising campaign they encourage us to preserve those things we love to change those we hate.

“An Urban Poem” is the title of the ad for Urban-X, the Mini-owned start-up accelerator. A tribute to the good and the bad of living in cities. By way of narration, they show us the strengths versus their weaknesses, of people who love or hate the same thing.

We meet people who love food, and others who hate the waste they make of it. Those who love speed of mobility with those who hate slow traffic. Those who enjoy summer in the city and those who can’t stand the heat in the city. Those who love architecture versus those who hate outdated infrastructure.

For all of them, Mini encourages them to keep the parts they love and change the parts they hate the most. Urban-X has promoted more than 60 emerging projects that address those most urgent challenges in cities. From emissions-free transport, to provide peace of mind to cyclists or creating community.

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