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Barbie commercial encourages playing with dolls and developing empathy

Anuncio de Barbie |  A Doll Can Help Change The World

Barbie’s commercial “A Doll Can Help Change The World” highlights how playing with dolls helps children develop empathy.

Mattel’s twist to repositioning its most popular brand, Barbie is worthy of study. They have emerged as standard bearers of the movement for gender equality, listening to all those voices that were criticizing.

They have created a platform: “You can be anything” that has inspired the little ones to be whatever they want through their wrists. Now, Barbie Featured as Doll Play can help children develop their empathy.

Barbie’s commercial is titled “A Doll Can Help Change The World” (a doll can help change the world). It is based on a neuroscience research study conducted by the Cardiff University . In this study, it was observed that those children who play with dolls have a greater development in their emotional, academic and social successes.

The creative agency BBH LA has been in charge of making the Barbie commercial. In it we see different girls and boys playing with dolls of different identities. This allows them to develop empathy, to be more inclusive, generous, inclusive and thoughtful. The campaign asks a very clear question: “What if each individual were more empathetic?”

Barbie, a brand that wants to be a leader in gender equality

According to Sarah Gerson, lead researcher on the study: “The dolls encourage them to create their own little imaginary worlds, rather than, for example, building games or problem solving. They encourage children to think about other people and how they might interact with each other ”.

According to Lisa McKnight vp and global director of Barbie and Dolls for Mattel: “By showing real stories that children play at home in the brand’s latest campaign, we hope to remind parents and caregivers that simply playing with dolls has benefits. for development. “

With this advertising campaign, Mattel wants to make the Barbie brand a leading brand in empathy, and in the coming months they will launch an editorial partnership with The Washington Post for social and retail activities focused on empathy.

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