What’s behind the selfie? Dove’s Youth Self-Esteem Campaign

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What’s behind the selfie? The Dove campaign wants to raise awareness about the self-esteem and pressure that young women feel for their appearance on social networks.

Mental health is one of the main concerns of people. Dove knows well that her advertising campaigns have been based on representing the real beauty of people and against the standards set by society. So they made it known with the #Showus project in which she wanted to change the image of women in advertising. Or the award-winning “Real Sketches” in which the women’s vision of themselves did not correspond to reality.

One of the main focuses that affects the self-esteem of the youngest is the fact of taking care of their presence in social networks. The young women edit their photographs to satisfy beauty canons that are unreal. To do this, Dove has carried out this impressive campaign to raise awareness about self-esteem and the need to take care of appearance on social networks.

What’s behind a selfie? It has been created by the Ogilvy agency and shows, in an effective reverse style, the process of creating a selfie. Dove has carried out a study within its “Self-Esteem Project” with 500 women between the ages of 10 and 17 and the data is devastating.

42% of the young women who have participated in the Dove study spend more than 10 minutes preparing the photo to upload it to Instagram. An average of 7 photos are taken and 4 out of 10 girls validate the photo with their friends before posting it. 69% say that they change or modify at least one part of their body and 20% feel disappointed that they do not have in real life the appearance that they do in networks. Despite everything, 65% admit that they would like a social networks that reflects real life and 7 out of 10 would like to focus on who they are and not who they are.

According to Sandra Andrés Bach, Marketing Manager of Skin Category at Unilever: “There are filters that are used creatively, but when they are used to distort reality and conform to narrow beauty standards, it can be detrimental to the self-esteem of the youths.”

What’s behind the selfie? wants to attack the growing weight of social platforms in our world. The change in the habits and influences of society is affecting the younger generations. To raise awareness, Dove has launched a series of tools such as educational guides for parents and families. The idea is to help young people navigate social networks in a positive way.

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