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The original Budweiser advertising campaign: Tagwords

Budweiser’s latest advertising campaign proposes an original initiative.

Being able to acquire the rights or licenses of certain photographs is expensive, even for big brands like Budweiser; A fundamental part of the history of rock, but that is forced to not be able to use images that show that yes, they were there.

And it really was like that. Great artists drank Budweiser beer on stage, backstage or in recording sessions. But owning these images is a luxury that even the American multinational can not afford. In order to show them, he has designed “Tagwords”, an original advertising campaign that encourages us to search for those images on Google.

Publicidad de Budweiser - Tagwords

Tagwords works searching in Google Images those moments in which artist and product went hand in hand. So, looking “1967 Monterey Audience Budweiser” we’ll find Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones with a can of Budweiser. And, looking for “1960 Flying V Slide Budweiser” Jimmy Hendrix play the guitar with a brand beer can.

There are many more “Tagwords” to look for, such as: “1985 Rock Stars Holding Budweiser”, “1974 Drummer Portrait Budweiser”, “1975 Holding Rock Budweiser”, “1960 Flying V Slide Budweiser”.To make them known, Budweiser has made an ambitious outdoor advertising campaign by placing a multitude of posters on opis, walls and bus shelters. He has also made a series of coasters encouraging consumers to do a search on Google.

They wanted to represent the close relationship of the brand with the great rock stars and the great musical moments of our history.

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