Burger King Burger Glitch, find the error and get discounts

The Burger King virtual campaign has been carried out by the DAVID agency

Burger King’s Burger Glitch is a new virtual campaign where you can find discounts in the app in an original way.

Burger King is a pioneer when it comes to advertising among the gamer community. It has known how to carry out original advertising campaigns aimed at young audiences, making a niche for itself in the new ways of communicating for brands.

Now he has made another new virtual campaign taking advantage of one of the most common features in video games, bugs or glitches. These failures, which are caused by a programming error, result in hilarious moments that streamers do not hesitate to take advantage of.

Burger King Burger Glitch is a promotion that encourages you to look for hidden discounts in the Burger King app and social networks. It has been carried out by the DAVID agency in Brazil and aims to have a closer dialogue with its followers.

And it is that if you find these “glitches” or failures in the Burger King app, you can get up to a 40% discount on their products. The operation is simple, once a day these offers are launched to whoever is logged in. Once the bug is found, you must share it on networks using the hashtag #BugKing to get the discount.

According to Juliana Cury, Director of Marketing & Innovation at Burger King Brazil: “We want to have a much closer dialogue with our consumers, and for that, we consider the points of connection between young people and our brand. When we talk about games, we talk about competing, losing and winning, but for Burger King, the best thing about playing will always be the fuss and that is at the core of our communication.”

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