Carrefour denounces food brands for fraudulent practices

The supermarket chain points out those brands that deceive users

Carrefour denounces brands that engage in “Shrinkflation”, a fraudulent practice in which products come in less quantity.

At some point, we have all realized the same thing. That product that we usually buy comes with less quantity. The change is so subtle that you only realize when you have already forgotten the previous amount and accept the new one as good.

Now, Carrefour denounces the brands that use this practice and publicly points them out in their supermarkets. Thus, consumers will know the abusive practices they carry out and how they try to deceive them.

Shrinkflation or Redflation, an abusive practice of brands.

The French supermarket brand denounces “Shrinkinflation”. A term used when brands reduce the size of a product without decreasing its price. And how does he do it? placing a label warning consumers that this product has less product and the price is more expensive.

With this practice, Carrefour denounces brands in the food sector. Large multinationals such as Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever are exposed to consumers. At least 26 products carry the Carrefour label warning of product reduction.

This label carries the hashtag #Shrinkinflation with the message “This product has fewer liters and the price the brand has set has increased.”

According to Stefen Bompais, communications director at Carrefour: “When there are brands that reduce prices, we consider that there is a lack of honesty towards the consumer. Customers feel cheated.”

The president of the group, Alexandre Bompard, has been more forceful: “This practice is unacceptable when there is hyperinflation. The French suffer from it.”

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