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The Coca-Cola commercial is a tribute to works of art

The agency Blitzworks has been in charge of the spectacular advertising campaign

Anuncio de Coca-Cola Masterpiece

“Masterpiece” is the title of the Coca-Cola commercial, which pays homage to works of art in one of the year’s campaigns.

It’s hard to understand but advertising can still surprise us. After so many campaigns and so many creative projects, an idea reappears that makes us continue to believe in this wonderful trade. And of course, it had to be from Coca-Cola.

The American multinational has to its credit some of the greatest advertising campaigns in history. The best Coca-Cola commercials should be viewed from time to time to understand their significance in society. Now, they are back with another great advertising campaign to surprise us again and pay homage to the world of art.

Masterpiece by Coca-Cola. One of the campaigns of the year.

“Masterpiece” is the title of the Coca-Cola commercial created by the Blitzworks agency. It has been directed by Henry Scholfield, produced by Academy Films, and post-production by Electric Theater Collective.

The piece is a spectacular journey through the great works of art that human beings have made. Classical, contemporary and modern pictorial works come together to inspire a young man in a museum; who tried to get a bottle of Coca-Cola. Specifically, the bottle from the “Big Coca-Cola” painting that Andy Warhol made in 1962.

The swing of the bottle between the different paintings ends up becoming a hectic journey through the great pictorial works of the most illustrious painters. “The Shipwreck” by JMW Turner; “The Scream”, by Munch; Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles” or Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” are some of the paintings that we can see in the advertising campaign.

But it is that the thing does not end there; and the Coca-Cola commercial immerses us in works by emerging creators such as Vikram Kushwah’s “Falling in Library”; or “Natural Encounters”, by Stefania Tejada.

According to Pratik Thakar, Coca-Cola Global Director of Creative Strategy: “For more than a century, Coca-Cola has built and maintained its iconic status around the world as a symbol of optimism that has spanned generations. We have seen our brand celebrated and reimagined by numerous artists and creators. “Masterpiece” is not a story about Coca-Cola… Coca-Cola is the story.”

For his part, Michael Dayton Hermann, Marketing Director of the Andy Warhol Foundation commented: “We are excited to connect with Coca-Cola to exhibit one of Andy Warhol’s most iconic works alongside some of the world’s most beloved masterpieces. These pieces, along with works by emerging artists from around the world, celebrate the inspiring power of visual art through the magical lens of Coca-Cola.”

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