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Coca-Cola letter labels allow us to form words for a optmistic future

Etiquetas con letras de Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola letter labels allow us to form our own words.

Without a doubt, one of the most recognizable packaging in the world is that of Coca-Cola. The multinational has known how to use this container as one of its main communication channels with multiple actions in all formats.

Now, Coca-Cola wants us to capture the more optimistic side of life thanks to the labels on its bottles. The idea is to encourage and inspire those people to share the good times that we have yet to come.

The campaign is titled “Alphabet” and uses the letter labels of Coca-Cola Original and Coca-Cola Sugar Free. They are limited edition bottles that have 42 letters and special characters so that consumers can form their own words.

The multinational encourages you to share your optimistic creations under the hashtag #JuntosParaAlgoMejor, a concept that will be used this year to contribute to a climate of general optimism. Coca-Cola letter labels will be available on the 500 ml bottles. and 375 ml.

According to the campaign: “After a year in which every day was the same. Now let’s make every day special ”, comments the locution of creativity. “On Mondays we celebrate the days of eating together remotely. Tomorrow the day to eat with the family we choose. And let’s close the week with the day of making Grandma’s recipe, for Grandma.”

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