A Coca-Cola napkin holder for capturing photographs in 360 degrees

Coca-Cola creates a napkin holder for capturing photographs in 360 degrees.

We like the initiatives launched by the subsidiaries of the big brands in different countries. Always under a common communication but granting some creative freedom that allows to create original marketing actions. The examples of the Ikea advertising campaigns or the marketing actions of Nescafé are clear.

In this case we talk about an original initiative of Coca-Cola Spain by turning the typical napkin holder into a 360 degree camera with which you can connect via smartphone.

The Coca-Cola napkin holder is called Happiness 360º and it is still an idea of Coca-Cola to continue with the image of happiness and friendship that has accompanied the brand all this time. We all remember your series of marketing actions focused on a vending machine.

Just connect via Bluetooth and the napkin will allow you to capture 360º images of everything that happens on the table. Then you can share them on social networks with your friends.

Fuente | Social Underground

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